Saturday, March 28, 2009

Media Hiburan 20 item photoshoot with Cael - thanks Cael

Greetings to all...

Today another busy bee day for us. Morning the usual 10am to 1noon on air Era and at 3.00 pm off to Karangkraf Shah Alam for Media Hiburan photoshoot. Alhamdullilah, it went well and managed to tie up with another photoshoot next week.

Let the pics tells the story as we enjoy more of visual then reading aren't we...

Enjoy and as promised,more to come daily...

Till then, cherio.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another hectic day

Greetings to all...

Starting early morning Reza is on air from 10am to 1 noon.

1.30 pm Off to Sunway Piramid had lunch and get some goodies for the trips that we're planning today.

3.30 pm Casting at Red Comm for kids tv program

5.00 pm At Akademi doing some revision and notes

8.30 pm Checking out the sound check at Dewan Sri Putra and more notes for Diari EXT

That's the recap of what happened today and apologies for no photos posted for this entry. Today, we received 2 good news and will share with all after April 1st 2009. Will update more and pix to come tomorrow on Reza's next activities.

Till then, cherio.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're official now...yea...and Toshiba infomercial shoot

Greetings to all...

First and foremost, with pleasure I would like to announce the birth of MONYET house of TALENT managed by Rezakey Management. For our first issue and blog opening, let me introduce the talented and cheerful host none other than Reza Mohamed(Kelab Pop, Era Announcer, Diary Ext Akademi Fantasia and many more).

MONYET house of TALENT is solely a genuine idea of Reza Mohamed himself and we are expanding to be one of the best talent house in Malaysia entertainment industry. We also want to achieve our target and to be recognised internationally. Apart from managing Reza Mohamed as our main talent, we do have other talents for the entertainment segments such as modelling,hosting,acting,voice over and many more. Please stay tuned and wish you all will be a loyal reader to this blog as from time to time we will update the happenings and new talents under our management.
For our first posting, we like to share with all readers the Toshiba Regza infomercial shoot which took place on March 24th 2009 at Putrajaya and Damansara Country homes. Let the pictures tell you the stories and many more to come day by day....

Enjoy... cherio...